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are the devs still working on this game??

I can't wait for the real thing to come out, I wana play it with my friends from home

Yo, this looks so cool! But Im running a sad heap atm, what are the specs my guy?

is it me or is this game lookin kinda THICC

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Wishlist karlson on steam


let me guess you watch dani like me


m o d

y e s

hello this is your local milk gang agent coming to say we dont speak about the drill

is it multiplayer in  partys


is there any way i could consistently get a match? i'd love to play in a full lobby with 6 people. maybe a discord or something? i don't know.


dude its just a black screen for me help


Super cool game and concept! I wish there was a story mode.

will there be any updates?



Any chance of Linux support? :)

Can you make a Mac version please? It looks great and I don't have anything Windows at my house that I use.

the things you see through?

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does this support controoler support? (xbox or ds windows?)via usb?

also great game.  my only problem is i wish the gun mods distingquished themselvs more while shooting. everything feels very simular.

also there is little to no spread on the shotgun muzzle (not sure if that was intended)

I'm sorry, but there is no  controller support for re[Mod]. 

And a note on the shotgun barrel spread: the other mods on your weapon can modify weapon attributes like spread. If you have a scope/grip attached, that causes spread to decrease. 

- Max


Damn, I love the concept and the way its implemented. Dunno how it feels in a real match, but just messing around alone, seems to work beautifully. Shame there's no real singleplayer other than the lobby.


Thank you for the kind words! If you'd like to check out the map, but don't have 6 people to start the match, you can open the console with "~" and enter the command "force-start 1" This will start the lobby countdown. Thanks again! 

- Max